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Data Recovery & Backup Services in Guntur

Vijaya Technologics helps you to data recovery your various types of data. Recover the lost data from raid devices, hard disk, laptops and usb drives. Restore your valuable accounting files created using Tally ERP, Quickbooks and Microsoft money. Also, our recovery services helps you to recover data from databases, files, digital media and many other types.

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What Factors Determine the Cost of  Data Recovery?

Cost is determined by the relative difficulty of the case. Device model number, firmware revision, and operating system can make a difference, but the biggest factor is the type of failure.

Common types of data loss:
  • Damaged Hard Drive Heads
  • Bad Sectors
  • Electronic Issues and PCB Damage
  • RAID Failures
  • Fire Damage
  • Water Damage
  • File Deletion and Virus Damage

Vijaya Technologics evaluates every case before determining a price of data recovery. This gives our clients flexibility — by sending your drive to us, you can find out the cost of your case before you make a commitment.




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